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We at Scrapebots specifically do that!

We offer web scraping / Data Extraction
services at low cost and with high quality!

Data in CSV, Excel, Json, xml
Web scraping & Automated Bots
Data in Mongo Db, Sqlite3,
Mysql database
Lead Generation

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Use Cases

We at Scrapebots understand that in today’s world , every entrepreneur , Organizations , Data Analysists and many of them are in need of huge rows of data for different purposes.

Price Intelligence

Monitoring Prices of Competitor's Product giving out similar services.

Business Recruitment

Finding right People for different Positions in a Company

Building a Product

Finding the need of the present through data through different sources and generating an idea for a new Product.

Lead Generation

Collecting leads/ Customers / People who are most likely to Buy our Services.

Customized Tools

We also create Web scraping and Automation tools that you can use it yourself to get the needed data from the website.

Twitter Bot
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2 We create the tool based on your request and then send it to you along with the instruction on how to run it easily
3 Start extracting the data from your own local machine!
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